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Polish language is also propably the only language that (theoretically) uses single negation for making negation, double negation to make negation, double negation also to make confirmation, single confirmation to make confirmation, double confirmation to make confirmation, and finally double confirmation to make negation. But both double confirmation and negation are only in theory; legends says that there are also used multiple confirmation and negation, even reaching numbers of 20. Now think, what would be the meaning of sentence: "No nie mogę nie napić się tego, co nie, bo co by się nie stało?" ("Well I cannot not drink, can't I, because what wouldn't have happened?"). There is also famous sentence full of negations: "Nikt nigdy nie robi niczego niepotrzebnego" and it can be literally translated to English as: "Nobody never doesn't nothing useless". It makes perfect sense.

— płacze ze smiechu http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Polish_language
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